Hello and thanks for visiting our blog. We are two gals who love to fish. Over the years we have gathered an array of stories and photos. We needed somewhere to locate our memories so thought a blog was an ideal place, plus we can share our experiences with you. We will be updating this blog until all our material has been uploaded, which could take a while, so please be patient.  

In addition, we want to share your stories and photos too. Meantime, please enjoy our early posts, and again, thanks for visiting this site. If interested you might want to pick up a copy of our new book:


Two Gals in Search of a Great Catch

What People are Saying

“Reading the book, ‘Two Gals in Search of a Great Catch,’ Lone Pine angling, hiking, camping & history, was an adventure in itself. It not only reintroduced me to the history and wonders available in Inyo County, but also gave me entirely new places I want to visit.
Not being a fisherman, I wasn’t sure just what I would discover in this new book for me.
There is a tremendous amount of fascinating history in these pages that I was entirely unaware of. I think anyone who has an even fleeting interest in this area will be delighted with this book.”

Hart Broesel is a former public information officer
for the US Forest Service in Inyo County, now a Montana resident.


“Most of my fishing experience has been on the ocean but after reading this book, I think I need to extend my adventures. But this adventure guide is much more than just learning about bank fishing. It explores one of the last “Frontiers” in California in Inyo County along Highway 395 between Los Angeles and Mammoth. Those just starting the sport or those that haven’t fished in a while will learn all the history of trout species in Lone Pine along with an array of fishing tips and techniques.
The book also outlines how and where to angle for big game fish like Bass and Catfish too.
Those who enjoy hiking can trek into the Eastern Sierra Backcountry into the historic Golden Trout Wilderness and the Mount Whitney Basin.
The alpines are home to several pristine lakes filled with Golden and Brook Trout.
This book is extremely interesting and I highly recommend it.
I promise from the start, you will be ‘hooked.’”

Brian Taylor retired snorkeling guide, avid surfer and deep sea fisherman




Hello – anyone heading north on Highway 395 should grab a copy of our new book filled with fishing, hiking, camping and history of Lone Pine, California in Inyo County. Aside from one of the best places for trout fishing and climbing the tallest peak in the continental U.S. – Mount Whitney – Lone Pine is still designated by the Census as a Frontier community.

Read our book and you will learn all about it. Including stories on:

  • How Mount Whitney was named Fishermen’s Peak for seven years before the name controversy was debated at Congress
  • Did you know that the Los Angles and Owens Valley Water Wars defined the National Forestry in the Eastern Sierras?

Of course learn everything you ever wanted to know about fishing:

Where, how and what to catch – Brook, Brown, Cutthroat, Golden and Rainbow Trout. Bass, Bluegill, Carp and Catfish.



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