A lure is a lure is a lure……

“If a fish is going to bite….it is going to bite”

That’s a phrase my friend Laura uses a lot. Although it can be frustrating waiting around to see what mood a fish is in. So, I highly recommend creating your own gizmo to catch fish. A gizmo can be a lure, a combination of sticky stuff and a lure, a marshmallow concoction, Velveta cheese (except I can never get it to stay on the line), or whatever.

Laura frequently shakes her head with my combinations of a simple hook, followed by a little weight, followed by another little weight, followed by a little floating sticky thing, followed by some garlic juice, and topped off by a fake worm.

The good news is that this has kept me busy for awhile, and I often catch fish with these creations. Laura is determined to get a video of me playing lure-maker….but she so far has been too busy catching fish….so we’ll see. In the meantime, I have a bit of sandwich left…..

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