Montana Fishing

Montana is one of the best places I have ever gone fishing. My friend Linda Lou lives in Eastern Montana and I have had the chance to visit her and the honor of enjoying the wildlife and beauty of the state.

We have fished many resevoirs, lakes and of course up and down the Yellow Stone River. Here are a few of the spots we’ve been.

Spotted Eagle – 

This is a nice area to take children and disabled fishing enthusiast. The lake has easy access and offer flat terrain and a fishing deck.
The 23 acre lake is owned by the City of Miles City and the local Chapter of Walleyes Unlimited along with the CC Rod and Gun Club contribute the maintenance of the facility.
The lake is filled from the Fish and Wildlife Parks office that pumps its water from the Yellowstone River.

Working toward improvements
The Tongue and Yellowstone River overfilled reservoir spillways in 2012 and with it non-game fish colonized the Spotted Eagle lake. This caused a lot of carpand sucker fish to overtake the water. But there have been several undertakings by volunteers, local agencies and Region 7 staff to stabilize the waterway with game fish.

Lots of Yummy species
Largemouth bass, northern pike, walleye, channel catfish, bluegill, crappie, and yellow perch have all been stocked or transferred to Spotted Eagle over the years to provide angling opportunity.

Last year up to 4,500 yellow perch were added.

Had a tough time on this lake when I went in 2014. But I did catch perch for the first time so that was exciting. There are a variety of methods to catching perch I have been told but I just catch most fish with a hook and worm.
I believe most pan fish are caught with nightcrawlers but jigs and some type of lures will also work. Live bait works too like minnows.

Perch Fishing Tips
All about the Yellow Perch in Montana

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