Perch – beautiful looking fish



By Laura Dobbins

These are pretty fish. I had never seen or caught one until I went to Montana. The first one I caught was so beautiful, I admired it for a long time. It had black and orange stripes, really beautiful. I caught it using a bobber and a worm. I was trying to catch catfish. But the reason I always use worms, along with any other bait of the day, is because any fish will hit a worm. Usually Perch will swim in pools so if you find one, there will be others. But not that day. So it was good I had decided to keep it.

These fish are also very tasty and I really liked eating it. While not native to Montana many of the lakes have plenty of perch. Spotted Eagle near Miles City also planted thousands of them last year as the fish had to be transferred from other flooding waters.

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