Bass – those darn ‘Basstards’

Love those BASS

bass By Laura Dobbins

Bass are fun to catch, but a lot of patience is necessary, which I must admit I lack. Bass prefer warmer waters but it was a region of California, known more for it’s cold-water fishing, I caught my first Percomorphi.

It was in a small pond between Independence and Big Pine in the High Sierra along Highway 395 that I hooked a nice small mouth. After the second catch, I became addicted and have been chasing, studying and practicing bass fishing since anywhere I can find this species.

California’s fresh waters have three primary types of Bass: Spotted, Large Mouth and Small Mouth. Of course, with so many water ways, including the ocean, there are numerous forms of these fish, but I have mostly caught small and large mouth.

I did pull two Stripers out of Lake Isabella once, but I was trying to find crappie.

Montana, a great state for fishing, and one I like to visit because my best fishing buddy, Linda Lou, lives there, also has some nice bass and I look forward to those trips. Hoping to report on new bass adventures soon.

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